Moonshadow Soul Space Expedition

Adventure deep into Nature and yourself. Journey embarks March 2017.

"Not only the thirsty seek the water.
The water as well seeks the thirsty."


It's time for your adventure to begin...

X Moonshadow Soul Space Expedition X

Come join the Moonshadow Soul Tribe as we connect with Nature and explore deep within our own being. Learn to follow the cycles and shadows of the Moon and to flow with life, rather than to always be fighting against it.

In today’s fast-paced tech-driven world, it’s actually so easy to become disconnected – from others, from Nature, from Spirit, and from ourselves. And that disconnect can begin to take its toll on us in the form of boredom, uncertainty, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and even disease. As it turns out, Nature is actually the perfect remedy for much of this! Her rhythms and cycles are natural, reoccurring, and extremely healing. When we take the time to rejoin ourselves with the natural energy of the Earth, we can also reconnect with our true Self – who we really are at our core and what our true purpose is here on Earth.

On the Moonshadow Soul Space Expedition, we’ll become Soul Explorers, uncovering truths found in Nature and within ourselves. The natural world will teach us how to become more grounded, connected, and in the flow of life. With self-work, we’ll discover simple mind shifts that can positively reroute our reality, uncover what our gifts and our dreams are, and unearth how we can live a life of more adventure, joy and abundance. This exciting journey will help us to see the magic and miracles happening all around us every single day!

The next 12-week journey embarks at the beginning of 2017. Don't miss it! Please fill out the application below to express your interest and learn more.


Q: How does the program work? What do I have to do?

A: This is a virtual mentorship program that requires from the Soul Explorer a minimum commitment of 2 hours per week (1 hour to complete the homework, and 1 hour for phone calls). Yes, you have to do the work! Any change requires action. In order to change whatever it is in your life that you want to change, you must take action steps to make it happen. Putting the time and work into this program will be worth it, I promise! Each homework will have two parts: The Nurture Work is an exercise to nurture your soul and help you grow, and the Nature Work is an exercise to help you connect with Mother Earth.

I, Junebug, will be your Guide, and I will be available for support throughout the program in our tribe's private Facebook page and via email. Each Sunday morning, you will receive an email with your weekly homework and a short video in it. Watching the video and doing the homework should take you about an hour.

Each week, there will be an hour-long phone call. Every other week, you will be led in an hour-long group phone call. We’ll have some fun with group coaching and meditation exercises, and participate in full and new moon ceremonies together. You should always do your best to make every phone call, but if you have to miss a group call, it will be recorded for you to listen to later in the week. The other weeks, you will be broken up into smaller groups where you will lead yourselves in a phone call (that will not be recorded). Here you’ll connect more deeply with others in the group, receiving support and giving support. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when supported unconditionally by a tribe of like-minded individuals. Be prepared for a lot of magic here!

You will need internet and phone access throughout the program.

Q: I live in a city. How am I possibly going to be able to connect with nature?

A: Nature is everywhere, so it’s always possible. To complete this work, ideally you’ll need:

      - earth (ideally grass, soil, or moss you can sit on, but sand and natural rocks work too),

       - a tree (any tree connected to the Earth will do. Find one that you are drawn to, one that speaks to you. Maybe it’s one you walk by every                day without ever really noticing).

      - sky (look up!)

      - natural flowing water of some sort is a plus!

Ideally you’ll want to find your own quiet, peaceful place in nature –even if it’s just in a park. (Parks are awesome btw!) For me, my favorite spots are an old growth forest or by a waterfall. I live in a city, too, so sometimes I just sit in the grass in my backyard or among the plants in my vegetable garden.

Q: It's winter. It's not really the best time to be connecting with Nature, is it?

A: You're right, it's not ideal, but it still works! Whenever outside, always be prepared for conditions. When it's cold, dress warm and take some hot tea to sip on. Stay out long enough to make the connection you came for. You'll know after it happens. Then take that energy back inside and warm up. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a result of not getting enough sunlight during the winter. You can battle the blues naturally by consciously seeking out that connection with nature regularly. Give it a try!





If you still have questions, please fill out the application above and I will get back to you.


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Moonshadow Soul Space Expedition


Pay in full - One time online payment of  $276, or one time in-person cash payment of $260.

Payment plans - 2 payments of $144, 4 payments of $74, or 12 weekly payments of $25.

Please email with questions about payments.