Our Relax & Dream blend is a potent, plant-based healing topical salve concocted specifically to soothe and relax the body and senses.


With focused intentions of healing and love, massage generously onto affected areas as needed.  

- 3 oz. contains 1200mg CBD
- 1.5 oz. contains 600mg CBD
- 0.5 oz. contains 200mg CBD

Ingredients: Shea Butter*; Candelilla Wax; Hemp Seed Oil*; Fractionated Coconut Oil*; Arnica-Infused Jojoba Oil*; Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil; Black Cumin Seed Oil*; Vitamin E; Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend of Bergamot*, Lavender*, Clary Sage*, Cypress*, Marjoram*, Roman Chamomile*, Cedarwood*, and Sandalwood*; Love* and Magick*.
*Organic Ingredients


CBD Salve - Relax & Dream


  • Show your salve some love and keep it cool, as the oils may melt and separate at temperatures above 75°F. If salve becomes grainy due to heat, simply place your salve in the oven set at the lowest temperature setting for 20-30 minutes. Once salve has melted, allow it to cool either in the fridge or at room temperature to return to normal.